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Healing Harmonies CD

The idea for the creation of the "Healing Harmonies" CD was born in September 2002 during a Hesed (caring) Committee meeting. The project exemplifies the Or Hadash community's commitment to helping others. The music was selected and performed by synagogue members; all of the recording and technical production was done by congregant volunteers. The result is a compilation of soothing melodies proudly offered for sale to the public. All proceeds go towards maintenance of the Life Cycle Garden. To purchase the CD, please contact Rhoda Gansler at or call the Or Hadash office at 215-283-0276.


  1. The Singing Bowl
  2. A Niggun
  3. Asher Yatzar/Elohai N'shama
  4. Bishaim Hashem - The Angel Song
  5. Yedid Nefesh
  6. Mi Shebeirakh
  7. Eli Eli
  8. Rozhinkes Mit Mandlen (Raisins and Almonds - A Yiddish Lullaby)
  9. Eil Na R'fa Na La
  10. B'yado
  11. You Are The One (Rabbi Nachman's Prayer)
  12. Hear Us Now
  13. Akhat Sha'alti
  14. 23rd Psalm
  15. Hashkivenu
  16. Ufros Aleinu
  17. Hope
  18. Modah Ani
  19. Ana El Na