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Bar/Bat Mitzvah Program

The B'nei Mitzvah preparation process at Or Hadash is designed to be a meaningful experience for both the stuent and htheir family. It is not merely a performance followed by a party, it is an event that marks a major milestone of one’s Jewish education as a child and the beginning of one’s learning on a more adult level. B'nei Mitzvah is also an opportunity to affirm a child’s and a family’s sense of belonging to the Jewish community in general and to the Or Hadash community in particular.
Every B'nei Mitzvah at Or Hadash is special. Each family adds personal touches—readings, poems, or songs—that make their simcha unique and different. Family members or friends can be included in the service as well. During the service, each young person speaks about his or her unique mitzvah project, which has been a special and important part of the preparation. Children who have special needs are accommodated with a service that is specifically designed to showcase their abilities and allows them to participate in this important life cycle event in a way that makes sense for them. is an easy guide for finding an interesting bar/bat mitzvah project.  We encourage each b'nai mitzvah student to choose a mitzvah project which blends well with their unique talents and personality. Add these special ingredients of community service, responsibility, kindness, and good deeds to get a true taste of what it's like to make a difference and connect to your own sense of Jewish identity.
We partner with the Mitzvah Circle Foundation.  Their mission is to support individuals and families in need.  B'nei Mitzvah students can work with the Mitzvah Circle to find a project that is meaningful to them and helps others in the process.  For more information, click here: