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Singing is an important part of our services at Or Hadash. Click on the links below to hear recordings made by Rabbi Alanna Sklover and our former Rabbi Joshua Waxman of some of the standard melodies used at Or Hadash for common prayers on Friday and Saturday nights. These recordings can also be helpful to students preparing for b'nei mitzvah, as well as anyone wishing to hear Reconstructionist liturgy and melodies.

Friday Night Prayers

  1. Candle Lighting
  2. Shalom Aleichem
  3. Lecha Dodi 1
  4. Lecha Dodi 2
  5. Lecha Dodi 3
  6. Barechu
  7. Veshamru
  8. Shalom Rav
  9. Kiddush

Saturday Morning Prayers

  1. Mah Tovu
  2. Mah Tovu 2
  3. Tallit Blessing
  4. Morning Blessings
  5. Psalm 150
  6. Chatzi Kaddish
  7. Barechu
  8. Yotzer Or
  9. Or Chadash
  10. Sh'ma/V'ahavta
  11. Mi Chamocha (traditional)
  12. Mi Chamocha (contemporary)
  13. Avot v'lmot
  14. Gevurot
  15. Kedusha l'Dor va-Dor
  16. Sim Shalom
  17. Oseh Shalom
  18. The Torah Service
  19. Blessings Before Reading the Torah
  20. Blessings Before Reading the Haftorah
  21. Blessings After Reading the Haftorah
  22. Returning the Torah to the Ark
  23. Ein Kelohaynu
  24. Aleinu
  25. Saturday Morning Kiddush (with Veshamru)
  26. Adon Olam

Other Prayers

  1. Birkat HaMazon
  2. Breich Rahamana
  3. Havdalah
  4. Hanukkah Candle Lighting

Berman House Recorded Prayers
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