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Like a Diamond Lyrics

Or Hadash is Like a Diamond, May 2017
Music by Ludwig van Beethoven (Ninth Symphony, Ode to Joy)
                                           Arrangement by Edward Hodges; Lyrics by Peggy Mandell


Or Hadash is like a diamond, many facets radiate
Infinite reflected beauty, members all participate
First there were the six founding families, soon we became a hundred strong
Thirty-three full years have passed as many minyans joined the throng

Who has made this diamond sparkle, energizing Or Hadash?
Congregants from many backgrounds sing and pray with Rabbi Josh
He's our rabbi, serious scholar, wrestling with the ancient text
Story-teller, benefactor, Torah mentor, he’s the best

Social action, give tzedakah, join a havurah today
Join us here for Rosh Hashanah, hear McHugh chant Kol Nidre
Host the homeless, sing in the cho-ir, make soup to honor MLK
Mermelstein's Al Chet will move you; maybe even help you pray

Reaching out and reaching in, Dan Weisman strives for Israel's peace
Doug has kept our house in order, seems his efforts never cease
Ever more our dear Rhoda Gansler's garden will honor Melanie
Sunday mornings Nosh With Josh has sharpened our identity

Jay has led the Board with patience, grit, and equanimity
Purimspielers wearing big striped hats created levity
Dr. Suess was never so funny, not till he told the Purim tale
Seven months of work on rhymes and schemes so Haman goes to jail

Precious diamonds gleam when someone keeps those facets shining bright
Treasurer Stu Rosenthal ensured our budget worked just right
Dear Jill Snell made Spiritual Life a vibrant and strong priority
Programs warm and classy—fancy linens are Jill’s legacy

Barbara Weisman led our children, SMILE enhanced our Hebrew School
Hoagland, great communicator’s Facebook presence: very cool
SATO run by star Lori Rubin; Shelley and Amy led Hesed
Susan, Shelley built community; chair Robert: Adult Ed

Nadine, Carol (office heroes), Phil, Ann Davis, Elley too
Stephanie spoke for our parents, Cheryl’s harp healed us anew
Josh McHugh, our shining young knight, dynamically keeps our choir fresh
Metaphor for Or Hadash, Josh leads us all with his "nefesh"

Jarvis, Mueller-Bell, Joan Nathan, Gerri Goldman, thanks to you
Jon, the vampire feasts on hemoglobin, Babette’s heart is true
Bernie, Greg will take care of school while we sing the praises of the Board
Bruce must have the final word on finance (what we can afford)

Carolyn and Rob raised funds we needed for posterity
Dear Michelle ensured we'd all be nourished for eternity
Ha Kesher will keep us connected, Klotz still rebuilds our Sukkah and
Lani Moss still nominates our leaders with her guiding hand

Shelley made us more inclusive, Bruce has helped our money grow
Jay will lead a final term because he’s always in the know
Rubin led our planning, strategic; still we renew, rebuild, sustain
Thanks to gifts from congregants, our goals were met and we remain

Lindy’s holocaust endowment will be chaired by Warren Young
Future generations will remember history’s right and wrong
Dan’s successful gun crime prevention programs have shown what we can do
Down to earth, accessible, Dan’s goals ensure we’ll see it through

Or Hadash is like a diamond, many facets radiate
Like a song composed by Glicksman, we know how to recreate
Belzer’s schmooze has brought us together, like a devoted family
Rabbi Josh ensures each year that we’re a true community