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Marriage Equality in Pennsylvania - A victory for love and justice

Marriage Equality in Pennsylvania - A victory for love and justice

Like many of you, I was thrilled to open my browser this afternoon and read the words "U.S. Judge Strikes Down Same-Sex Marriage Ban in PA." I am so profoundly happy that U.S. District Judge John E. Jones III has recognized that there is no place for hate or discrimination in our state's laws, which since 1996 had included a ban on legal recognition for same-sex marriages, whether performed in Pennsylvania or in other states. Pennsylvania was the last state in the Northeast that did not grant the same recognition to all couples who wanted to have their love and commitment formalized through marriage - until today. There may very well be additional legal challenges and wrangling before today's victory for marriage equality in Pennsylvania is finalized and secure, but I will celebrate this decision knowing that today, our commonwealth is one step closer to enshrining justice and equality for all its citizens. 

B'simchah / In joy,  Rabbi Joshua Waxman

P.S. Please consider joining me in signing this petition from Equality PA urging Governor Corbett not to appeal today's decision and to let marriage equality stand in Pennsylvania.


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