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Membership Forms

To welcome new members to our synagogue, we are offering a discount of 50% off your dues for your first year of membership! Please consult the New Member Dues Commitment form for pricing.There is also a $50 annual security fee. A $1500 building fund assessment (usually paid over 5 years) begins after the first year of membership. We also have an additional $1000 building fund assessment (again usually paid over 5 years) after the first assessment is paid.

We have not revised many of our membership forms for the 2023-24 year yet, so please use last year's forms since the dues haven't changed. (There are two updated RENEWAL forms at the bottom of the list.) Please click on the files below, print them for yourself and mail them in with your check! Once you become a member, you can pay online with your credit card (3% charge for this) or ACH (automatic withdrawal from your bank account at no additional charge) payments, by check, or by transferring stock. Please use the New Member Dues Commitment form below.

Please note that a complete new member packet consists of the Membership Application, Applicable Dues Commitment, and Gift of the Hand forms. Once you have returned the Membership Application, you will be given online access to make ACH or credit card payments to Or Hadash.

The Financial Accomodation form is only required if you need to modify any of the standard payment terms.

Note: The membership application is only necessary once, when you first join.

For members wishing to renew online/paperless, that is available on the ShulCloud page

If you have questions about membership, feel free to contact our Membership Chair, Gillian Szymanski, at, or Nadine Canter, Synagogue Administrator, at,

All forms may be viewed and printed from the attached file listing below.

Please contact Rabbi Erin Hirsh, SMILE school Director, at for SMILE school and madrichim forms. To learn more about SMILE school, please click here.