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Alan Endter Story

Alan Endter and Or Hadash

By Janice Trope-Endter


Alan’s attachment to Or Hadash was deep and passionate. He loved the community it offers and was immediately drawn to its beautiful building. Within months of becoming a member in 1997, he was asked to chair the Building Committee. He took on this position with great enthusiasm. One of his favorite things to do was organizing workdays a few times a year. Not only did he enjoy getting the projects done, but he also loved that it brought the community together. During his tenure, the landscaping around the building with new trees and plantings was completed, the main parking lot was paved for the first time, the community room and rabbi’s study were remodeled, and major heating and electrical work were completed, just to name a few of the projects.


Prior to Alan, there had not been a non-Jewish committee chairperson, as per the by-laws of OH. In true Reconstructionist style, they were updated to accommodate having Alan chair the committee. In 2003, the year of our eldest son Joshua’s Bar Mitzvah, Alan converted to Judaism under the guidance of Rabbi Steven. Alan’s Jewish identity was always very important to him and he deeply valued the welcoming and affirming community that OH offers to interfaith families.


To honor Alan’s memory and his love for the community and the physical space, commissioned artwork will be installed in the sanctuary on April 11th 2014.