Shedding New Light on Jewish Traditions

Betti Kahn Story

I opened my SYNAGOGUE search

walked through doors to OR HADASH.

Found my CHOICE that High Holiday

study    listen  ASK talk and/ or PRAY.

Found SARAH’S VOICE and mine.


Late BAT MITZVAH one of many

of Rabbi Vivian’s gifts to me and so much

more WISDOM   with kids    whiz-grandkids    

to share.    Other’s paths    NEW deLIGHT-ful.

 SING ularly    PEACEful.


GOOD folks. No judgmental quirks.

A HAVEN for answers    more questions.

Treasure of SHABBAT JOY    with Rabbi Josh.

Breath    tears    laughter    action    word

SOLACE.    Wise advice    for life’s accord.


To be alone    wrapped in MY TALLIT    to feel

warmth of my prayer-fellows    to follow    lead.

Celebrate later-in-life chupah-blessed MARRIAGE    

bask in congregants WELCOME of mate and his

in turn    appreciation. My HOME away

   my home for HOPE.