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Jill Snell and Bernie Miller-Hymowitz Story

The Mystery Couple


Jill Snell and Bernie Miller-Hymowitz


We were called the “mystery couple.” We came to Or Hadash for the High Holiday services for fifteen years. We always sat in the same area of the Sanctuary or at the Gratz College venue. We were visible on the right hand side of the Temple about six to eight rows up from the front. We prayed quietly throughout the services and stood at the appropriate times. When the services concluded, we quietly left through the rear and advanced to our car. However, we did attend Tashlich at various sites and then quickly went home. During the past two decades, we attended other synagogues but we never felt that they were best for our religious needs. 


At Or Hadash, this process went on and on, and during that time we never spoke to any other congregants or took the time to introduce ourselves to any friendly faces. Throughout the years, the rabbis greeted us, but we never got involved in lengthy conversations or simple chatter. It was our loss and we regret our foolish behavior.


In the spring of 2012, we officially joined Or Hadash because Jill was interested in converting to Judaism and she felt that Or Hadash, the Rabbi, and community, were a perfect fit for the rigorous task ahead. We felt comfortable with the Torah Study and minyan service. We have been active members and have attended every Torah Study and Saturday service since then. We have also been involved in numerous volunteer efforts throughout the past two years. We are very pleased that we joined Or Hadash. This sanctuary and the members have become an important part of our lives. Thanks to everyone for including us in the congregation. We are no longer the “mystery couple,” but just Jill and Bernie.