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Alan Lindy Story

Or Hadash and the Lindy Family

Alan Lindy


In 1985, Cathy and I and our infant son, Joshua, relocated from New England.  My parents, Annabel and Phil, both recently deceased, recommended we visit Or Hadash, a new Reconstructionist Synagogue. Or Hadash would be welcoming to Cathy, who was not Jewish, and offer the small, personal milieu we left in Plymouth, MA.


Over the next twenty-nine years, Or Hadash became a vital core of friendships, spiritual and religious connections, and intellectual pursuits, a source of strength during difficult times. My parents later joined us, Jacob and Jeremy followed Joshua, and my brother Frank joined with his growing family. Josh started his education in first grade, and became part of the first graduating class.


I feel tremendous pride seeing Or Hadash reach such a remarkable milestone, and I am proud that the Lindy family participated.