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Barbara Altman Story

Remembering the Beginning of Or Hadash


Barbara Altman


For us, this was a very meaningful way of getting back to our roots. We both grew up in traditional homes and this was like going back. Sid took it on and this became his baby. We watched it grow and what was so exciting to both of us was that younger people were becoming involved. Another generation was sprouting.


It was like having a small intimate group with whom we could talk and share. I remember sitting around and planning all of this, and we had no idea that it would grow into what it is today. It’s like being a proud parent as we watched the Congregation bloom and become independent. At the beginning, we often felt that some of the things that were happening were different from our original ideas, but that they were the right things to do. It’s been very exciting and fulfilling to see what’s happened, to see how the Congregation has changed, matured, and blossomed.